Saturday, September 21, 2019



British Standard Chain


As Authorised Distributors for many of the world’s leading names in chain technology we offer simple solutions for all British Standard Chain requirements.

We offer chain products that offer;

  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy cutting whilst retaining drive strength
  • Long term wear resistance
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to minimum labour requirements
  • Reduced purchasing costs due to maximum chain life
  • Higher productivity due to minimum down-time
BS Chain sizes available at LJB;
  • 04B - 6mm Pitch                       
  • 05B - 8mm Pitch
  • 06B - 9.525mm Pitch                
  • 08B - 12.7mm Pitch
  • 10B - 15.875mm Pitch            
  • 12B - 19.05mm Pitch
  • 16B - 25.4mm Pitch                  
  • 20B - 31.75mm Pitch
  • 24B - 38.1mm Pitch
  • 28B - 44.45mm Pitch
  • 32B - 50.80mm Pitch
  • 40B - 63.50mm Pitch
  • 48B - 76.20mm Pitch
All above sizes of BS Chain can be supplied in single strand or mutli-strand lengths depending on your industry or application.
For further information or to discuss any other BS Chain product please contact us.