Thursday, June 27, 2019



HTD Pulleys

A range of axially grooved pulleys to ISO 13050 for use with HTD (High Torque Drive) timing belts.

These are fully metric pulleys for belts with tooth pitches of 5M, 8M & 14M (mm).

They are made of steel or cast-iron materials and mostly incorporate taper bores for use with Taper Lock shaft fixing bushes.

Taper Lock bushes allow a particular pulley to be fitted to a wide range of shaft diameters, either metric or inch, with standard keyways.

The stock range of groove numbers and belt widths that can be accommodated are:

5M tooth pitch   28 - 136 grooves   9 & 15mm belt widths

8M tooth pitch   22 - 192 grooves   20, 30, & 50mm belt widths

14M tooth pitch 28 - 192 grooves   40, 55 & 85mm belt widths