Thursday, June 27, 2019



V-Belt Range

V-Belt Range JPEG

We Stock & Supply several of the world’s leading names in belt technology we offer solutions for every application. Our belt stock covers many industries and has been grown on the back of customer demand and industry specific requirements.

Key Classic V-Belt Dimensions;

Z Section - 10mm x 6mm x Length

A Section - 13mm x 8mm x Length

B Section - 17mm x 11mm x Length

C Section - 22mm x 14mm x Length

D Section - 32mm x 20mm x Length

Key Wedge Belt Dimensions;

SPZ Section - 10mm x 8mm x Length

SPA Section - 13mm x 10mm x Length

SPB Section - 16mm x 13mm x Length

SPC Section - 22mm x 18mm x Length

8V Section - 25mm x 23mm x Length

Classical V-Belts are generally supplied in closed imperial lengths

Wedge Belts are generally supplied in closed metric lengths